Capping the framerate for WebGL build

I have been trying to get a framerate cap to work with a WebGL build of a game I have been working on for a school project. From what I can gather from the Unity Documentation, this should be possible by setting application.targetFrameRate to a desired value. However, while this method works while the game is running in the editor or as a local executable for Windows, it does not do anything when I run the game as a WebGL build in Chrome. I originally defined application.targetFrameRate using Unity’s visual scripting, as this is how I have scripted my game. Currently, the framerate is capped via a C# script as I wanted to see if that would change anything to no success. It is also worth noting that v-sync is turned off to allow the frame rate to be capped in the first place. Is there something, some detail, I have missed?

An Old version of the documentation says that using it in Web Player isn’t supported:

However the most recent version of the docs removes that warning, so Im not sure if it is just a bug with Unity or maybe out of their hands, since it does mention that the browser can control framerate:


according to this old answer, VSync might be being forced on by the browser: Target Frame Rate Not Working - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions