Capsule collider is able to 'squeeze in' between 2 other capsule colliders. Don't want that

I have a player that has capsule colider attached to him and I have some obstacles in the world that also have capsule collider. Everything works quite fine but in the one scenario in which there are 2 obstacles really close to each other (they are not touching, there’s still a little gap between them), if I try to force my way through them I’m able to squeeze myself in and pass that gap. I want the player to be stuck in there and force him to walk around. I know I can make extra collider in between them to stop the player from passing but I don’t feel like putting extra collider to every place with this layout.
How can I fix it?

If you work with rigidbody, upgrade the collision detection to continuous dynamic, and the interpolation to interpolate. With a Character controller try to extend the skinwidth