Capsule collider triggered unexpectedly

I have an object with a capsule collider on its root, with IsTrigger=true (triggered by the player).
The trigger works fine, but is also triggered unexpectedly some times when the player walks near the collider, but still way out of its range.

See attached image: the capsule collider limits are wel within the round circle object.
On the right you see that the player has triggered the trigger, while it was far away from the collider.

When I run circles around the collider, this will happen sometimes.
Location appears to be random and it doesnt happen if the player is further away than say 10 meters.

Anyone else have this issue or can tell me what is causing it?

Are you sure it’s the player that’s triggering the collider? Maybe it’s detecting collision with another object, check the collider’s name / tag.

Also, it looks like you have multiple colliders on the same object. Are you sure your player isn’t actually triggering one of them (like the outermost sphere collider)?