Capsule goes partially into terrain, then bounces up

Hello everyone,

I am trying to have a capsule be my player - but anytime the capsule spawns it just sinks into the terrain a little bit, then bounces back up, repeated rapidly. I have tried to eliminate any possible variables, and it seems to happen with just a basic capsule collider and rigidbody attached. The rigidbody on the capsule it set to not be kinematic, and both the terrain and the capsule collider are set to not be a trigger. I have also tried messing with collision detection on both objects, but in all combinations the issue persist.

I believe it has something to do with the capsule having to sharp a point on the bottom - if I increase the scale of the capsule to about 3.5 x and z, the capsule does not sink and lays on the ground just fine. In addition, if I had a script that changes the direction the capsule is facing when I move the mouse, having the capsule lay on its sides also causes it to lay flat. However, I was hopping to not have to change the scale on my capsule (I know messing with scale can have effects with center points.)

Would anyone have any advice on how to fix this so I do not have to change scale?

Unsure, but first try setting the simulation type to ‘Continuous’ rather than ‘Discrete’ for the player object. That’ll increase the accuracy of the simulation, as it performs calculations for between frames (at a higher CPU cost naturally).

Next, try going to Project Settings → Physics (or Physics 2D if you’re working in 2D), and poking the settings in there. Check the documentation to see what all the different values do.

And here’s a simple solution:
there should be no child colliders (e.g. weapon with a collider, or a model collider). Otherwise those try to bounce on collision, but child hierarchy doesn’t let it snap, so there you go your jitter

Update: Sorry everyone! I should have updated this once I found the solution. It ended up having nothing to do with colliders or the scale - it was how the script I had written was handling movement, specifically on collision.
The script was setting coordinates manually, instead of applying forces - making it so the object was trying to set itself to a y point underneath the terrain - this caused unity to attempt to place the object back into a “correct” place, and then the script would put it back, repeated forever!