capture a screen shot and show in the album folder

Hi… i don’t know why i am having this issue … but i have this script to capture the screen shot … i applied it to a button … the screen blink when i press the button but when i open the gallery of my tablet it doesn’t show the captured screen shot … :frowning: … when i test this code on PC or in unity editor it works fine… it creates the folder at the folder “D:/Omer Hussain/Amigo-Projects/ChristmasStory/ScreenShots”; with the folder name “ScreenShots” and in that folder saves the image with image name “Christmas”… i want the same functionality on the device… i tried to find the folder as well the image with their names but device doesn’t show anything but works fine on PC :/…

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ScreenShot : MonoBehaviour {

	//string folderPath = "D:/Omer Hussain/Amigo-Projects/ChristmasStory/ScreenShots";
	string folderPath = "/storage/sdcard0/ChristmasShots";
	string fileName = "Christmas.png";

	void OnMouseDown()

		Application.CaptureScreenshot(folderPath + "/"+fileName);

This command would most likely save the screenshot in the game folder.

If you want to change the save location, you need to supply a full path for the file save location. Also, this command overrides the previously saved file if you run it twice with the same save file name.