Capture a screenshot and use it as a GUITexture on iOS

Is it possible to capture a screenshot using Application.CaptureScreenshot() and use it as a GUITexture on iOS devices? I’ve been raking my brain with this for hours.

If Application.CaptureScreenshot() isn’t the way to go, does anyone know what the best way to do this would be?

All you need is Texture2D.ReadPixels which reads a part or the full framebuffer into a texture. This should work even in the free version :wink: Not sure about iOS, but it’s a quite basic feature.

Another way would be to use Application.CaptureScreenshot, which saves the image as png on the device and then use the WWW class to read the file back in and finally use WWW.LoadImageIntoTexture to apply the image to a texture.

did you try render texture?