Capture Player just freezes Unity

I don't seem to be having any luck with this memory profiler.
Using 2019.3.13 and profiler package preview.2 - 0.2.3

Where before capturing would just sit at 100% for hours, now my editor just becomes unresponsive and the capture never completes. Always need to force quit Unity.

I'll try creating a small repro project and submit a bug report.
But anyone else experiencing this?

It's probably impossible, but would be great to see what the capture is doing in that progress bar.
It's just 0% to 100% in an instant, and then nothing.

There's already a thread on this topic and if this issue also regressed for you with versions >2019.3.12f1 then this is very likely the bug ticket for that. A fix is on it's way.
Not sure if we can improve the progress bar for a case like this one...

Ah ok. Good to know it's a known issue. I'm on Windows so the freeze is not isolated to Linux as the bug reports

Yeah, that's where we got the first stable repro. We then realized it can happen anywhere...

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I've updated the description to reflect that.

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The fix has landed on 2019.3.15f1 (which isn't yet available) so it will become available soon

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