capture the screenshot to iPhone photo gallery

am using // Application.CaptureScreenshot// and want this picture to be saved in the iPhone gallery , i tried lots of ways which i found here , but it still not working !!
anybody can help on that ? BTW, i found lots of questions on the same thing & no answers !!

You can use a number of methods to actually grab the screen, from Application.CaptureScreenshot, RenderTextures (pro-only) and Texture2D.ReadPixels()

However none of these options will let you save to the photo gallery on iOS, for that you have to use a native plugin (written in objective-c). The only plugin i know available at the moment that does this is the Excetera plugin from Prime31. however that plugin is designed to do a whole load of native features, so if its just the image saving you want, $65 seems a bit much for one feature. So it might be worth biting the bullet and learning a tiny bit of objective-c and writing the plugin yourself.

You have to use iOS natives functions to do that, and remember that native function does not worked on Editor/Simulators, it will work on actual device, so write your native function and test on actual device.
If you need more information then drop a mail at, and don’t forgot to write “Unity3D Help” in subject.

Good Luck!