Car Colliders fall off car

So simply, I tried to move over the car physics scripts from the standard assets onto my car, and it wasn’t working. While having the WheelColliders selected in the inspector during play, I noticed that the brief few seconds that the car moves properly, the wheels are attached, but in seconds the body of the car starts to float off while the wheels just seem to run away…See attached pictures below.

Before Play

During Play

@Marshal_Alessi I have the same problem. I don’t know why it’s doing this. It looks like it’s somehow giving the wheels their own rigidbodies and not detecting collision (most likely because of the wheel colliders). What do you think?

Yeah, I’m starting to see the same types of issues too. One problem is that we don’t know how Unity’s car controller system works. Unity’s standard car setup (SkyCar) has specific measurements and values, and the wheel and body colliders are aligned and positioned for that specific car. It is not just a car object with a script attached, it’s a bunch of objects with a bunch of scripts and colliders attached everywhere, so it can be more difficult to figure out how they set it all up than it would be to build your own car controller from scratch. I know that Unity recommends using their “CarPrefabEmpty” to set up your own car. (Read the text file in the Standard Assets’ Car folder, CarGuidelines.txt)