Car engine sound

Hi i’m making a car controller and I need help for the engine sound.
The controller works well(nothing too complicated) and it has a gear system,RPM,torque based on the gear…
I would like to have a realistic engine sound, but I’m not an expert in audio.
I thought that simply taking an engine sound loop and changing the pitch would work, but it doesn’t sound so good. So, my question is: there is another way to do it?

I think the best way to making a more realistic car sound is to have it in a system where you have 3-4 different car sounds, 1. the car acceleration, 2. the acceleration peak 3. the gear shifting overlay and 4. being the deceleration sound.

Hooking these up would work in the sense that the engine sound would play until you hit the peak of a certain gear… then you would transit into your gear shift overlay, which would then play the car accelerating sound again till you hit the peak of the next gear… In short terms… to make a system for car sounds realistic… it would become very complex.

If you want to make it suupper complex… you could even have a system that slows down the sound depending on the length of the gear acceleration…

Link to topics that could be handy in your approach: