Car Enter/Exit Script Problems

Hey Guys.
Iam currently trying to create a GTA2 styled game and i have some troubles with a Car Entering component.
What I did so far:

  • Create a top down car movement based on the Free Unity Car tutorial (works fine)

  • Create a top down player with the third person controller component (works fine)

  • Player and Car Camera with smooth follow (works fine for each component)

  • And used this Script for entering/exit the car

    // Attach this script to the door trigger gameobject.
    // By default any driving/car/control component script in the inspector should start out at disabled
    // so it will not move as the Player is being controlled by you, the user.

    var car : Transform;
    var player : Transform;
    var exitPoint : Transform; // Place this empty gameobject next to the driver car door.
    var doorTriggerLeft : Transform;
    var PlayerCamera : Camera;
    var CarCamera : Camera; // By default the camera “component” for the car camera should be set to OFF first.
    var isPlayerVisible : boolean;

    function Update()
    if (Input.GetKeyUp(“f”)&& isPlayerVisible) //Asign any key you want to enter/operate vehicle.
    // make player invisible and still standing
    player.gameObject.SetActiveRecursively(false); = false;
    // parent player to Exit Point
    player.parent = exitPoint.transform;
    player.transform.localPosition = Vector3(-1.5,0,0);
    // parent PlayerParent to car
    exitPoint.parent = car.transform;
    exitPoint.transform.localPosition = Vector3(-0.3,1.5,-0.65); //Driverside exit point, adjust accordingly per vehicle.
    // GameObject.Find(“VehicleObjectName”).GetComponent(“DrivingScriptHere”).enabled=true;
    GameObject.Find(“Car”).GetComponent(“Car”).enabled=true; //Enables the script component to operate Vehicle.
    PlayerCamera.enabled = false; //Disables the playerCamera
    CarCamera.enabled = true; //Enables the carCamera
    if (Input.GetKeyUp(“r”)) //Asign any key you want to exit/park vehicle.
    // make character visible again
    player.gameObject.SetActiveRecursively(true); = true;
    // unparent player from everything
    player.transform.parent = null;
    // exitPoint.parent = doorTriggerLeft.transform;
    // parent Exit Point to car gameobject
    exitPoint.parent = car.transform;
    // GameObject.Find(“VehicleObjectName”).GetComponent(“DrivingScriptHere”).enabled=false;
    GameObject.Find(“Car”).GetComponent(“Car”).enabled=false; //Disables the script component to park Vehicle.
    PlayerCamera.enabled = true; //re-enables player camera
    CarCamera.enabled = false; //disables car camera


    function OnTriggerEnter(Player : Collider)
    Debug.Log(“Trigger Enter”);
    isPlayerVisible = true;

    function OnTriggerExit(Player : Collider)
    Debug.Log(“Trigger Exit”);
    isPlayerVisible = false;

From my perspective i did everything that i should do.
I defined the right parts in the script. having a Entering point which should work (collision is detected). Exit Point is also set. The Car movement is also disabled by default so that only the player will be controlled at startup and so on.
but when i move my player to the enter point and hit “F” nothing happens.

Maybe you see something in the script that i should attend to or give me a hint like “did you maybe forget to do this and this”
If you need the project file just let me know and i send it to you

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Are you sure that isPlayerVisible is set to true before pressing F? And if you press F, do you receive at least the “Driving” message?