Car flip problem

Hello,everyone. I am a beginner. Recently, I want to make a car game. I watched many videos about making game game. I know that rigidbody and 4 wheel colliders need to be inserted to a car. But the car always flip when I turn the car. I have no idea of why car flips . I have try to add center of mass, modify the rigidbody’s mass and adding anti-roll script. Do that problem related to the values of wheel colliders? But I do not know what are the suitable value of wheel colliders.
Also, I watched the tutorial from Unity, but the wheel colliders will appear in runtime. I cannot follow its script.

Can anyone have any idea?

You must set the mass of your car much heavier in relation to wheels mass, try a very large value for mass to test, then adjust it to have the behaviour you wish. If you dont want your cars to flip independently of the speed and the aggressive of driving, just set a huge mass for your car.