car physic unity5 error wheels


my project car physic error with (unity 5.0.0f4) for wheels physic

please help me fix come back wheels

script car simple with unity5

collider.GetLocalPose(out position, out rotation);


collider.GetWorldPose(out position, out rotation);

but error script wheels

Looks like the GetLocalPose function is not implemented nor documented yet, so you have to wait until an update.
Meanwhile you can get the local position and rotation just by accessing the localPosition and localRotation of the collider transform

Vector3 position = collider.transform.localPosition;
Quaternion rotation = collider.transform.localRotation;

Remember that whorld coordinates is not the same as local coordinates

There have been an update to the documentation which use GetWorldPose instead. I’m testing it right now…

edit: and it works well…