Car physics without wheel colliders? I've been trying for ages.

I’m beginning to think that theres something wrong with the car model I’ve made, since I’ve tried numerous tutorials how to set up car physics with wheel colliders but to no avial. My car model immediately starts to swing on its x-axis and balance itself upright on its front bumper for no apparent reason.

I want to write a c# script that basically mimics the movement of a driving car for my car prefab. No wheel movement or anything fancy. I have no experience with c# coding, but need this achchieved for an enviroment design class. Would anyone be so kind to lend me a hand with this? Thanks.

Hi there, you may wanna check this video. It’s a simple car controller that doesn’t require WheelColliders (and it’s optimized for mobile, so don’t worry about performance). You may wanna make some tweaks if you are not satisfied (and you probably are gonna need some basics about programming).