car speed meter scripts

i found a C sharp script that controls the car added wheels colliders and everything, i need to now have a sppedometer thing that lets me know how many mph the car is going. is there a way to do it???

is there a way to do it???

Yes, of course. Don't you think it'd be a little odd if there were 'no way' to make a speedometer in Unity? :-|

As for how to do it (which I suspect is what you're really asking), the visual aspect will depend on what type of speedometer you want (e.g. digital, a needle, etc.). The most straightforward solution though would probably be to use GUI/GUILayout.Label() and just print the speed to the screen.

For determining the speed, if the car has a rigid body component associated with it, the speed will be the magnitude of the velocity vector. You'll then need to perform whatever conversions are necessary to get the speed from 'Unity units per second' to miles per hour.