Car Wheels Error/Glitch/BUG, Please help.

Hey Guys. I am creating a racing car game. I have my car functioning 99% well. It drives/stears fantastic. I have a computer car that races with you. It works beautifully. The only issue im having atm is. When i created my car i used the actual spokes inside the rim to be the rotating axis so it looks more real. But when i start the game my rims stick out the side and it looks so goofy. Should i edit my model and make the wheel one object or should i simply move the actual wheel script to a different component. Here is pictures of the actual bug.

This is the car When the rims are being stupid.

This Is The Car Behaving beautifully before i play the game.

So i was wondering if you guys have any information that could help this error. Thank you :slight_smile:

Check your wheel colliders pivot and your wheel’s pivot if you are making them reference to eachother at runtime.