Cardboard camera issues

Hi everyone,

I’m currently designing a rollercoaster type test app using google cardboard and i’m running into a small issue that I can’t seem to find an answer to, basically I have a parent object follow a set of waypoints which works fine and I have the cardboard cameras set as a child of that object.

Now the head rotations work fine and the camera rotates as the parent rotates, but the cameras don’t face the direction the parent is travelling in, the cameras always seem to be locked looking north, i.e the parent turns 90 degree to the left but the camera always stays at 0 degrees.

Is there a way to update the cardboard head to looking in the same direction as the parent object, say if the user turns their head slightly off to the right and the parent turns the corner that when the user moves their head back forward then the camera is at the same angle as the parent.

I’ve also tried the “target” variable on the CardboardHead script but that didn’t work either.


In the v0.5.1 and earlier releases there’s a silly bug that causes this when using the target property. It’s a one-line fix, so you can try it out yourself (it’ll be fixed in an upcoming release). In CardboardHead.cs, in the function UpdateHead(), change this:

transform.rotation = rot * target.rotation;

to this:

transform.rotation = target.rotation * rot;