Cardboard demo not working

I am very new to unity. I have installed Unity 5.1.1. When I tried to build and run the cardboard demo on my android device, it shows the stereoscopic screen but all black. But the demo works fine when I run it on Unity in PC. Please help me to rectify this problem

Cardboard SDK has been updated a few days ago. You can try with the latest version again. You also can try with another phone. Good luck!

i have the same problem, tried any possible setup in the playes settings, but no positive result!
Anyone knows what to do? everyting works fine in Unity, but when i export the game into the android apk. i have one screen with a 1000 colours and the other schreen is sort of moving!
I am busy allready for two weeks to figure out it myself, but i gave up :slight_smile:

best regards robert