Cardboard Scene works fine in game preview, on android only blue screen?

Hey guys,

Hopefully someone can point me into the right direction with this issue. For a school project I’m working on a Unity VR Cardboard demo. I’m starting to get somewhere with the demo but there’s this really annoying issue.

In unity the scene works fine, I can test it in the game window and look around through the two “windows” which are there for the stereoscopic view. However, after I build the project and run it on my phone, it won’t work on my phone properly. Instead of being able to look around the scene, I only get a solid blue colour in both the “windows”.

I’ve had the issue before in this same project, eventually I “solved” it by deleting my CardboardMain object and using a new one. Now after importing some assets into the project, I’m getting the same issue only now it isn’t fixed by replacing CardboardMain.

Even the scene’s that are older, that used to work on my phone, now won’t work anymore once I build them and try them.

I’m pretty much at my wits end here, since I know it SHOULD work, but something is blocking it. I do have a few script errors in the imported assets, but none of the scripts I’m actually using. Anyone able to help me out here?

Hi, I have the same issue. And no solution yet.

I have resolved my issue for Google cardboard by these steps.

Edit -> Project settings -> Player -> Other settings -> Graphics APi

And remove Vulkan from the list by clicking - at the right bottom of the box.