Cardboard shows empty blue scene on phone, but on PC it works fine

Hey, I know this question has been asked before, but either with no answer or with solutions that don’t work for my specific case.

So I am developing a Cardboard app for my phone and up until yesterday everything was working fine (and I cannot figure out where I screwed up, already tried backtracing my problem). But now, when I run the app on my phone I only get two empty blue scenes for both eyes. If I click play in the editor, I see the actual scene for both eyes. I already checked Cardboard Main, Head, Main Camera, and the two individual cameras but they all look good to me.

Do you have any ideas what could be causing this? I mean on my PC everything works, but on my phone it doesn’t. I even looked at the player settings for the phone, but I didn’t change anything.

Any answers are appreciated! Thanks so much!

Ok, so I just figured it out. In case somebody else runs into the same problem, connect to your phone via adb and print out the unity logs:

adb logcat -s Unity

This command prints all log entries from your phone regarding Unity. I cannot recommend enough to use the phone logs, even Debug.Log() outputs into the log. My log told me:

DllNotFoundException: "vrunity"

So, after some digging around on my harddrive I found that my plugin folder was empty. I had set up SVN as my version control and for some reason SVN decided not to push dynamic libraries (.so). So I went to my original machine and made SVN sync the libraries as well. That solved my problem :slight_smile:

Hello nocatix, hope u r doing good

I know it’s been a while since this issue of urs… I got stuck in the exactly same problem. Using Android Device Monitor, I can see DllNotFoundException: “vrunity” in the LogCat and in my Galaxy S7, it freezes after the app opens and get stuck on it. Well, how’d you retrieve those DLLs? I did not understand how you set up SVN stuff.

hope u or anyone else could help me with that.