Carret positioning is not accurate while using [Screen Space - Camera] setting on canvas component

I didn’t find a post about this, so TMP Input Fields’ selecting and caret placing are laggy in comparison to Screen Space - Overlay. I assume cursor position and its ray cast is perceived in different ways with each setting Screen Space - Overlay / Screen Space - Camera.

Please let me know how to fix it I want the user experience to be ergonomic, so I’m looking for a way to make it right

I can’t use Screen Space - Overlay because I will use a lot of visual effects and particle systems for my UI

Also, if you take a look at videos, you notice that when I’m trying to place caret at the end of input, it is placed at pre last position.

It’s a lot easier to understand if you look at the videos and compare.

Screen Space - Camera Example:

Screen Space - Overlay Example: