cartoon rendering.

i’m considering cartoon rendering on my game which runs in mobile env.
since my game has large scale terrain, performance is the best issue for me

does cartoon rendering with shader help performance? compared to expressing
cartoon mood by texture preprocess and normal diffuse render.

I dont know much about shaders. thanks for reading.

“Toon rendering” is a very broad term for pretty much any non-photorealistic shading technique that attempts to simulate the look of hand-drawn cel animation. A toon renderer may (or may not) include a custom lighting model, a quantised colour palette, stylised specular highlights, rim lighting, a border outline, and many other aspects. But, none of these are specific to toon rendering - they’re just applied in a manner to give a particular artistic effect.

So I don’t think anyone can answer whether toon rendering in general is any more or less complex than, say, any other sort of rendering - it depends on the particular properties of the shaders in question, the rendering path used etc. If you want to measure the performance of a specific toon renderer compared to another specific renderer then look at the rendering statistics window in game view.