(Case 1227901) Crash when opening project

The project just crash after done loading. I'm using latest Nvidia driver 442.59.

Seems to be a driver issue. We're in contact with Nvidia about it.


What's the progress of this issue? Is that confirmed to be Nvidia driver bug? If yes, which driver version will ship the fix?

It is extremely frustrating... I cannot work on my projects...

Yes, it is a driver issue. We've reached out to Nvidia for a status update but haven't heard back yet.

Thanks for the update...

Nvidia released a driver update.. Unreal is fixed... Unity still won't function on the laptop.

As a temporary workaround, we have noticed that uninstalling the GeForce Experience resolves the crashing in some cases.

Just got reminded of this by Unity's latest tweet about RTX, tested again, still Unity crashes immediately when trying to use RTX on a 2070 Max-Q.

@LeonhardP can you figure out what happened to this? Did Unity just not talk to Nvidia at all? All other RTX software I tried works fine, just Unity crashes.

Just to clarify, all my reports about this got closed as duplicates of this: https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/directx12-the-editor-crashes-on-laptops-when-using-directx12-and-opening-the-editor-on-an-external-display despite having nothing to do with an external display.

@LeonhardP today I reached out to Nvidia and Nvidia QA wasn't able to find any trace of a similar-sounding issue or of any communication they might have had with Unity about this. I forwarded them some case numbers.
Are you sure there is an ongoing or past discussion about this?

Hi @fherbst ,

I've reached out again to check on this.

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Do you use GeForce Experience and does it always crash or is there some variance? Also, does it happen in later releases such as 2020.2 as well and with the same frequency?

Yes, with GeForce Experience. No crash without that, as I outlined in the case, also no crash when downgrading to an earlier driver. However, GeForce Experience is crucial for recording high-quality videos, so that's not going away on my machine... and earlier drivers don't work well with VR and/or RTX, so that's also not a permanent solution.

No variance in crashes – switch to DX12, Unity crashes. Any version that supports DX12. And it's an "always crash", not just sometimes. And yes, also in 2020.2b.

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