(Case #1264038) Handles.ScaleHandle incorrect when center scaling

So just discovered this today. Not sure if it’s present in other versions. But when using Handles.ScaleHandle, when center scaling and the input vector != 1, the returned result seems to either shrink or grow exponentially. Depending if > 1 or < 1. Issue doesn’t occur with the individual axis scale handles.

the report I submitted just contains the exact script on the docs:

And here’s a video showing what happens:

I’m making very tiny adjustments, but the scale is seemingly increasing at exponential rate every time I release and scale again

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Just tested 2019.4 and 2018.4

Issue does not occur in 2018.4 and does in 2019.4

Thanks for the report @CDF ! THe issue has been reproduced and is with the devs: https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/product/unity/issues/guid/1264038/

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Is there a workaround?