(Case 1280493) Some objects are not rendered with SRP batcher enabled

Reproduced a simple Universal Render Pipeline test projects.
Objects rendered by BatchRendererGroup disappear the SRP batcher is enabled.

This happens in 2020.2.0b2 / URP
Doesn’t happen in 2020.1.6f1 / URP or 2020.2.0b2 / HDRP

Only tested on Windows with DX11 and only in the Editor so far.

The reason I found this behavior is that it happens in our custom SRP as well, but I decided to report in the Unity supported pipelines first.

I guess this also breaks the Hybrid renderer, not that anyone cares…


I forgot to add:

I checked with RenderDoc and there is no draw call for those objects at all.
So it is not like some shader parameters are missing.

Edit: Tested in build and the objects render on frame #0 even with SRP batcher enabled, but disappear in frame #1. Unfortunately I can’t capture frame #0 in RenderDoc

Tested with DX12, both in Editor and in Build - produces exactly the same results as DX11

I get the same problem. Did you solved it?

I test in URP HDRP CustomSRP. Only HDRP can work on SRPBatcher and BatchRenderGroup. But i didn't find reason yet.

Apparently only V2 API works with SRP batcher in 2020.2, but I wasn’t able to make it work with our shaders…
We use a Custom SRP as well.