Cast shadows without directional light?

Hey guys,

i created a scene with a spotlight, means the center of my scene is lightened and the rest of it is black, so the enemies come from the “black” into my scene.

Now i’m trying to have some shadows in my scene. But i really don’t know how to do this.
If i use directional light, the hole scene is lightened and there is no longer the “black” outside.
But i also can’t use “Deferred Lightning” (then my Spotlight would make shadows), because in this case, the light for my menue doesn’t work…

Can anyone help me? I really don’T know how to solve this problem…

Thanks a lot,

I would also be interested in some help with this exact kind of thing if anyone can help.

New idea: use directional light and for the black the fog in edit,render-sessings?

In this case, I would use a directional light, set it’s color to almost black and bump down the intensity. I would then enable shadows and bake it out, you can probably find a pretty nice balance. Else you could create a script on the enemies that darken them the further away they are from the center of your scene :slight_smile: