Cast Tensor to TensorFloat

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First of all, I found the provided examples and samples very clear thanks to the people who wrote them :hugs:

I’m currently testing Sentis with a Sentence Similarity Hugging Face Model. The inference is working correctly (I wrote the Tokenizer in C#) which is a first win :joy:

My problem is in the post-processing, this model takes sentences [“I love dogs”, “I love cats”] and embed. The idea is to calculate the cos similarity of these embeds.

But first, I need to do a MeanPool of the embeds. And the first step of this MeanPool is doing the equivalent of torch.unsqueeze(-1).

Given this Unsqueeze method does not exist in Ops what I’ve done instead was using Expand but the problem is that this returns a Tensor not a TensorFloat. And the next step is a MatMul between two TensorFloat. So I need to cast my Tensor to a TensorFloat.

I don’t find how to cast a Tensor to TensorFloat in Sentis. Or methods in Tensor to transform a Tensor to a TensorFloat.

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Few things,

  • Unsqueeze exists indirectly you can do tensor.ShallowReshape(tensor.shape.Unsqueeze(-1)); or ops.Reshape(tensor, tensor.shape.Unsqueeze(-1)). But thanks for pointing it out, we’ll add it to the api.
  • MeanPool you can use ops.ReduceMean/ops.AveragePool
  • Tensor is a abstract class that is implemented either by TensorInt/TensorFloat.
    If you know your tensor is a TensorFloat (tensor.dataType == Float) then you can simply cast it.
    tensor as TensorFloat

Can to share the tokenizer? I’ve been working on text to speech and have not done that part. Model didn't import: ljspeech-jets-onnx - #21 by mrwellmann

Thanks for the help I’m testing it today :hugs:

I’m finishing cleaning the code and I plan to share the tokenizer for a tutorial this week :smile:


Is this the tutorial Building a smart Robot AI using Hugging Face 🤗 and Unity you where talking about?

I haven’t had much time to fix my tokenizer but with some help i got lately I think I’m almost there.

No it’s not this one. I’ve just published the tutorial: Create an AI Robot NPC using Hugging Face Transformers 🤗 and Unity Sentis

And the Sharp Transformers library: GitHub - huggingface/sharp-transformers: A Unity plugin for using Transformers models in Unity.

Thanks! Looks like something for my next free weekend :grin:

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