Catapult force by player distance?

Hello friends. I really need help with this subject.
I have a Catapult gameobject in my game scene, When my Player enters to Catapult trigger, then the Catapult instantiates its ball and shoots it toward the player by Add Force in Impulse ForceMode.
I’ve created this mechanic so far, but there is a very serious problem.
The problem is my Player can move in the scene, So the Catapult shooting force should be set by Player distance because when the player is near to the catapult the force should reduces and if player is far from the catapult, it need more force to throw the ball toward the player position. So the force shouldn’t be constant.

Note: the Catapult rotates at player and shoot automatically so its not manual and its like an AI. I don’t need any curving visual to show final destination. I just want to set the shooting force by Player distance changing.

Actually i’m weak in Math and Physic so i really appreciate if anyone can help me with a correct code. :frowning:

So basically you need to find the parabola that intercepts the player position. Is the catapult shot angle fixed? Because this can be solved by either changing the angle or shot velocity.

I believe you will find all your answers in this article Solving Ballistic Trajectories - ForrestTheWoods
It even has a demo in WebGL