Caves and underground bunkers

Hi all,

Is there a way to put a hole in unity 3 terrains?

Using modeled or a second piece of terrain above a cave or bunker leaves a nasty seam, which I would like to not have to try and cover up.

Any help or links would be appreciated!

To my knowledge, their is no way to do this...

You will have to use a modeled version... What I suggest, make the model, and then mold the terrain after it...

So you make the ceiling of the cave, and then you can make the terrain, and just make it look natural with the painting features... It can work =) Just takes time, as does everything...

Good luck!

if you can use generative mesh code on the terrain, you can, but if no, you cant. then you make a code to minus a cylinder into the mesh, and fill the cylinder with mist and portal, so when you jump in, you go next level to cave. else, just make portals so the guy can go caving and work on gameplay first. maybe you could export a greyscale and place dots on it for pits, worth checking, i dont beleive in making caves from models though! generative is great, make the code and you have 100 caves. or use Xenodreamer program to make giant cave like .obj files, export them to okino politrance to reduce polygons, and edit them? It’s an idea i have to trial myself, the issue with that is if the okino creates false vertexes in your tunnel, it willhave web structures inside it.