CE0044: unexpected char: 0x2028.

I’m trying to make a pause menu and I’m getting this error on the first line. I tried deleting #pragma strict and it had the same error on the first line which was now the ‘private var etc etc’.

I don’t know what’s going on I just want a freakin’ pause menu and I’m having a lot of problems haha. I’m really stupid and suck at using this program (I’m doing it for an assessment) so if you know what’s wrong with the code please dumb it down your explanation for me lol.

Here’s the code:

#pragma strict

private var pauseGame : boolean = false;
private var showGUI : boolean = false;

function Update()
    if (Input.GetKeyDown("p"))
    pauseGame = !pauseGame;

    if (pauseGame == true)
        Time.timeScale = 0;
        pauseGame = true;
        (GameObject.Find("Main Camera").GetComponent ("MouseLook") as MonoBehaviour).enabled = false;
        (GameObject.Find("First Person Controller").GetComponent ("MouseLook") as MonoBehaviour).enabled = false;
        showGUI = true;

if (pauseGame == false)
        Time.timeScale = 1;
        pauseGame = false;
        (GameObject.Find("Main Camera").GetComponent ("MouseLook") as MonoBehaviour).enabled = true;
        (GameObject.Find("First Person Controller").GetComponent ("MouseLook") as MonoBehaviour).enabled = true;
        showGUI = false;

if (showGUI == true)
    gameObject.GetComponent<GuiTexture>("PausedGUI").enabled = true;

    gameObject.GetComponent<GuiTexture>("PausedGUI").enabled = false;

It means that at some point you may have pasted some code into your editor which contains a unicode character.

To fix it, select all code, paste into Notepad++ or any other text editor which supports character set conversion, then convert to ASCII.

Once done, paste back into your editor. The offending character will be an invisible one.

0x2028 is the unicode line separator.