CellToWorld not working on Tilemap?

Whenever I try to get the world position of a tile it always just regurgitates the tile position instead of the world position. I’ve scoured the forums and CellToWorld seemed to be working for everyone else… I have a feeling I’m missing something vitally simple:

    Tilemap tilemap = GameObject.Find("overworldTilemap").GetComponent<Tilemap>();

    //get all tiles
    foreach (var position in tilemap.cellBounds.allPositionsWithin){
        Debug.Log("Tile position is:" + position);
        //for example position is (5,9,0)
        Debug.Log("local position of cell is: " + tilemap.CellToWorld(position));
        //(5,9,0) is the output as well, any ideas?

I figured out what was happening… The tilemap center was on the world center… hence the same coordinates for each! My bad. Hopefully this helps someone down the road!