Censorship Shader?

I’m very new to shaders, and I’d like to create an effect similar to what you might see in TV and movies, where particular objects are obscured with a black bar. I’m not sure what type of shader I’d need for this though, or even where to start. Any thoughts are appreciated!

Edit: So I was deliberately trying to be vague to simplify the question, but since the simpler question has a simpler answer (ie, creating a black bar object), I think I ought to elaborate: I’m not just trying to add a black bar. In fact, I’m trying to create a glitchy effect similar to the following: GitHub - keijiro/KinoGlitch: Video glitch effects for Unity. Unfortunately, this effect is a full camera effect, and isn’t designed to work with individual objects.

I don’t think this can be done with a shader, I’m not entirely positive but shaders usually work on the bounds of the mesh if you want to make a censorship bar is would just make an Image object and place it either with the object you want “censored” you can enable and disable the bar through the component.enabled if. You could all have a script on the camera that detects objects you want censored and then places the black bar on that object

The same author as your link made a package called Unity facecensor.

You might wanna use that.