Center a logo on an interactive cloth.

Hello everyone!

First, I am quite the noob if it comes to Unity, but still trying to make fancy stuff.

What I have is the following:

I created a flag-like object in Blender. Imported this as an .fbx in Unity and added a ClothRenderer and Interactive Cloth on it.
With the WindZone is looks pretty nice so I am very happy.

But now I want to center a logo on it, which of course go along with the movement of the flag. And I am very much confused on how to do this.

Do I need to make a shader which can do this? Or is it possible to have a sprite-like object as a child of the interactive cloth? I am guessing the first oneā€¦

Can someone point me in the right direction?


I would make a texture of my own and put it on if I were you. This is a short answered but it should work

Hope this helps