Center of 4 Objects

Can anyone help me with this? This script is atached to a Empty object with camera as a child. I want to have 4 players, and move the camera to the center of all of them. I have 4 public Transforms (i put my players there) and i want to calculate the center. But its saying that i cant put + in there. Please help me :wink:

Thanks :wink:

public class CameraMovement : MonoBehaviour {

public Transform Player1;
public Transform Player2;
public Transform Player3;
public Transform Player4;

void Update () {

	Transform center = (Player1 + Player2 + Player3 + Player4) / 4;
	transform.position = center;


Transform is the representation of objects in the space including position, rotation and scale. What you want to do is, working with positions. So, you should say that

Vector3 center = (Player1.position + Player2.position + Player3.position + Player4.position) / 4;