Chain in 2D top down perspective.

So I have my android game, it’s called Racers, and I want to add a new weapon. The weapon should be a rope or chain with maybe like a heavy steel ball on the end. The chain is fixed on the racer. I want the the player can pull the ball with the chain over the field. A bit like in Skull Chainz (SKULL CHAINZ (PROTOTYPE) by Chaoclypse)
To get you a closer look what I mean, here’s my game:
So how do I do that? I tried it with hinge joints, but they fly apart and due to their weight they pull the Racer back. Another problem is that the Racer is constantly rotating and the chain keeps stiff and rotates like a stick with the racer, but I want it to swing. Please help me :frowning:

So I found the issue. To not pull the Racer back, I’ve set the masses of the links to 0.001. That’s why the chain kept stiff. So now all the masses of my links ( except of the last one which is heavier ) are set to 1. The mass of the Racer is set to the Highest, so it isn’t affected by the chain. I don’t know why it flew apart, but now it doesn’t do that anymore, so… it’s working.