Chain link fence.

hey, I'd like to make a chain link fence material, with alpha in between the diamonds, how would I go about it?

Just make your tileable chainlink texture as normal, but in a transparent layer in Photoshop or your app of choice. Then, there are a number of ways to do it. I prefer to just save the texture as 24bit PNG with transparency enabled. Then you can duplicate that and do a colour fill with white and an inner glow of black (or the other way around) to use as a second texture for generating the texture's normal map to give it some depth. In Unity, make a new material and choose one of the transparent shaders from the popup menu and set your texture(s) in there. The colour texture will automatically use its alpha channel for the texture alpha and if you choose one of the bumped or parallax shaders you can load your monochrome bump texture into the second slot. Then just apply that to a plane and you have your fence. I'd recommend using bumped specular because it puts less strain on the GPU than parallax and by adjusting the settings you can make your fence shine realistically when a bright light hits it.

I made a couple of examples so you know roughly the kind of thing you'll need to export from your image editor. Don't actually use these because the drop shadows and bump don't tile at the edges, but you can use them as a template.

Main texture: Base texture w/ alpha

Bump texture: Bump map texture