Challenge unzip?

I purchased the Intro to Game Development courses and I am instructed to unzip a file and figure out the challenge. I am able to download the file from the website, and unzip the file. But the instructions say that I click on the folder, assets, scenes, and then Challenge.unity. On my end, anytime I click on the file, it just opens up the Unity Hub and shows me the projects I currently am working on. It does not open up the premade challenge.

Hey, If you are still stuck on this, I was also working on it.
I ended up finding that you had to go to where you downloaded the file after it was unzipped.
From there you would go into Assets > Scenes> and then double click on the Challenge.unity file

It should then load up the scene for the challenge.

I was having a problem finding where to download it from until I read your question.

Hope this helps.