Chamber Lighting

I’m new to unity lighting. I want to create a chamber that is well illuminated similar to a chamber in Portal. No matter what sort of light I use it just doesn’t feel right. Point light gives a light that is too dark at places but if I turn up the intensity it becomes too bright near it.

Here’s the chamber I wish to illuminate.


You should try a directional light, turn off shadows (unless you want them). You can edit the illumination of the light, and it is the same globally.

That looks like the shader used on the polygons is vertex based. Meaning that the calcumations are done per vertex. Try to use the diffuse one, that one is pixel based.

You can add 3-4 different directional lights in different directions, or change the ambient light in the rendering settings.
Another method is to put a self-illuminated shader on the objects(which I don’t recommend).

If nothing of these options work as wanted, you can always try baking lightmaps.

Here’s a quick-start instruction for lightmaps: