Chances of commercial success with Unity Free

Hello people! It’s my first question here and I’m also a new developer, so bear with me. I searched for an answer but found nothing answering my question, so here we go.

First of all, I’ve read the FAQ and am aware that I am allowed to publish a commercial game with Unity Free; my question is a little different. Before I ask, I acknowledge that the 1500$ price tag is indeed very low for what the engine has to offer. There are three reasons me and my small team are going with Free:

  1. We are college students and only two out of four have part-time jobs, our income is insufficient to even pay for the monthly subscription
  2. We are just starting out learning both the engine and game development in general and our asset creation skills are limited
  3. We’d like to gather experience in different genres and experiment in general first

Let me say that I do understand our limitations, too. We don’t expect to make a triple-A game nor are we after ridiculous sums of money. Game development is something we always wanted to do and we know we have to fail before we succeed. But dreams are dreams so yes, we are aspiring that one day we’ll be able to make something really good and worthy of recognition. So, to put this all in a concrete question: What’s the possibility of having limited commercial success with Unity Free? Our ‘plan’ (after gathering experience, of course, no matter how long it will take) is to release something small when we are ready and have a good idea, gather enough money to invest in the Professional version, and go on from there. Do you think this is viable?

Thank you for your time!

The success of a game is purely dependant on the game. If people like the look of it, and the gameplay, it will probably succeed.

But not entirely.

There are more important factors such as advertising and marketing. If people don’t know about it, they wont look for it to even play it to begin with.

If the game makes enough money, then buy the license.

There are differences as you’ve mentioned, but most noticeable is the unity splash screen on game start.