Change 2Dtexture dynamicly?

I want to be able to attach different flags to a user list depending on which country the user has selected. I have a foleder in my project (flags) and every flag have an number/id. The user has a countryid attached and I want to be able to get the flag to the user… Can this be done?

Yes it can be done, check this www

www class can be used for both local drive or from server

Well, my issue is this. I have multiple imageurls in an array.

var myImages:texture2D[];
for(thisImg in images){

The Debug.Log output this:

Now, I want to get these images inbto my texture2D array, but not sure how. Please help and thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Try this

int i = 0;
for( thisImg in images ){
  var www: WWW = new WWW( thisImg );
  yield www;
  if( i != images.count; ) myImages *= www.texture;*