Change 3D Game Kit Character model

I just downloaded 3D game Kit, and i want to change the character model to one i have, but keep animations, etc.

im super rookie in unity so i dont have any ideia how to do it.

i want to make top view camera too, and the character to keep its weapon in hand, and change the staff model too.

someone can help me?

thanks :smiley:

There are a few steps you need to take in order to do this. In broad strokes the steps are:

  1. Change Ellen rig into a humanoid
  2. Change all of Ellen’s animations into humanoid animations
  3. Download the character .fbx you want. You can do this for free (even for commercial use) by going to Mixamo. Ensure you change all of your new character files and animations to “humanoid”.
  4. To import character textures, you’ll also need to download a Collada file (.dae).
  5. Delete Ellen’s body and skeleton files.
  6. At this point, you will need to get your hands into the game’s code a little bit. There are some tutorials on YouTube that show you how to do this.
  7. Because the tutorials online are a bit outdated you’ll likely have your character falling through the ground up to their waist. To fix this attach a new character controller to your character and then change the animations. You can download animations for free from a site like mixamo.

Following these steps is how we go this look: