Change Ambient Color in Unity 5 via script?

Hi Guys

I just pre-ordered Unity 5 and its Beta-Version is awesome so far!
I converted my Unity 4 Project into a Unity 5 Project. There seems to be no Render-Settings any more. Until now I always changed the Color of my Ambient Light like this (JavaScript!):

RenderSettings.ambientLight =;

But somehow that doesn’t work anymore. Unity doesn’t give me any error message but nothing happens in Play Mode! I know that the Ambient Color in Unity 5 can now be set in the “Lighting Tab” but I don’t know how to access this value via script…

So does anybody know how to change the Ambient Color in Unity 5 via script?

Thanks for your help!

If what you meant is this (Unity 5 b14):
alt text

Then use RenderSettings.ambientSkyColor. Note: I have lerped the color to demonstrate.