Change angle of camera in prefab preview

Is it possible to change angle of view for prefab preview area?

If object is almost flat or even just a texture on triangle it often shows nothing by default. And it’s required to turn it with mouse to see the preview.

Is it possible to adjust this?

c’mon, it’s a quite trival question, and there’s no provided solution ?
Why is Unity using such a weird camera position for prefab preview ? The word x-axis is directed to the left!!!

I don’t believe it is possible, no. The preview window is just that, so it’s meant to be minimalist.

@artak10t I’ve just finished my own preview asset, maybe it will be useful for you:
If you need some help, write me a letter:

Hey @artak10t, I’ve noticed that if your project is set as 2D, the preview will show objects without any rotation, making them look flat. Try changing your project behaviour to 3D to see if that changes!

Edit → Project Settings → Player → Default Behaviour Mode