change aspect ratio to full screen on standalone?

I simply need my game to fill the entire screen without the black sides. this seems to be an automatic thing for the editor and webplayer build, but after building for standalone I am stuck with a box like ratio and black sides regaurdless of the aspect setting in the build settings. any help or suggestions would help. im kinda desperate on this. Im sure others must have had this problem too but i cant find any answers.

You should build game such a way that it covers most of the aspect ratios you want it to. You should be able to test this in the game view with different aspect ratios. If you want to set it full screen now maybe you’d like to use the following. Use it in the Start()

Camera.main.aspect = 16.0f/10.0f;

// For 16:10 aspect ratio. Change these values to whatever values you want to set.