Change assembly name

By default, the assembly name is Assembly-CSharp. Is there a way to change this name?

For anyone who came here from Google search: the correct way is to create an Assembly Definition in your Assests/Scripts folder and name it appropriately. This generates the correct .csproj files and furthermore uses the correct assembly name everywhere (e.g. if you use JsonUtility to serialize references with [SerializeReference] you’ll get an appropriate assembly name within your JSON files instead of Assembly-CSharp).

Not that I’m aware of. And it’s only an internal code project name, so why do you need to change it?

Yes, you can. I’m able to change it like you would any project, via project properties (Alt + Enter).
You may need to change a setting in Options → Tools → Tools for Unity called “Access to project properties”. You also many need to close and re-open your solution to see the effects of changing the settings.