change bar position

Hey there! I have a distance bar in my game with a script I copied from internet,At the moment is appear on the top of my screen and I would like it to be in the bottom!... I dont know much about scripts and dont know which part of the script I need to change to do so... This is the script im using:

// set GUI bar width and height in the Inspector var barWidth : float = 500; var barHeight : float = 25;

// drag a texture as the icon to move on the progress bar var progIcon : Texture;

// where to set the GUI element to private var barProgress : float;

// empty objects represent the start and end of a level var startPoint : Transform; var endPoint : Transform;

// current Player position var playerPos : Transform;

function Update(){ // get level distance by subtracting start and end var totalDist : float = endPoint.position.x - startPoint.position.x;

// get player distance from start in X axis only so slopes / height doesn't affect result
var playerDist : float = playerPos.position.x - startPoint.position.x;

//get player's progress as a percentage of the whole distance
var playerProgress : float = playerDist / totalDist * 100;

//turn the playerProgress percentage back into the scale of barWidth
barProgress = playerProgress / 100 * barWidth;


function OnGUI() {

// create a GUI group the width of the bar and twice its height
// in order to leave room for 'Start' and 'End' text under the bar 
GUI.BeginGroup (new Rect (10, 10, barWidth, barHeight*2));</p>
    //draw a box as the backing for the progress bar, blank text inside

    // create a label to draw the progress icon texture, use barProgress var
    // to set its X position, 0 as the Y position and width and height of the texture used
    GUI.Label (Rect (barProgress, 1, progIcon.width, progIcon.height),



Thanx a lot!

What you need to do is go into the script where it says “Rect” go to the 0 and the 1 make them greater for example if the first number (which is 0 in your case)was increased the bar would go to the right of the screen and for the second number (which is the 1) was increased the bar would move down the screen. Just use this knowledge and adjust it to your liking.