Change both collider axis using Alt

Im wathing a tutorial and it says to hold Alt while you’re changing a colliders size because it would change the 2 axis of the collider, but when I press the Alt key unity goes to the hand tool.
How do I change the key to hand tool? Or is there another key to use the colliders instead Alt?

Ensure that you have the Edit Collider button enabled on the collider component. Then first click on one of the small green squares located on all faces/extremities of the collider in scene (which are now visible). While holding the square you can manipulate the collider’s size via that side, but holding alt at this point will mimic those effects on the other opposite side as well. You HAVE to be holding down and already editing before you click alt, otherwise the tools will be switched to the Eye/Hand tool as you are experiencing.

Note: If you do not see the small green squares in scene, it may be due to the fact that you are using a custom Layout, switching back to the default Layout should fix that issue. (For me) that option is in the top right corner, Layout Dropdown Menu > Default.
Save your custom one first if this is the case!