Change camera animation

Hi, In my scene i have a camera that play two animation. I made this animation in animation window in unity.This is my code:

function Update ()

   if (Input.GetKeyDown ("2")){ 

      camera1.enabled = false; 

      camera2.enabled = true; 


      camera2.animation.PlayQueued("Animation2",QueueMode.CompleteOthers ); }


Animation2 runs after Animation1 finishes .But when Animation2 starts, the camera view angel isn’t same as the angle that i define in animation window for Animation2 and the view angle is same as angle that Animation1 finishes. How can i figure out it ?
My next question is, how can i fade in and out with black color between tow animation clip?
Thanks a lot.

Not so sure about the animation problem but you could at the end of the first animation manually set the camera position where you want it to be.

For your fade in /out you could have a black texture covering the whole screen to which you set the alpha to 0(transparent) and then at the end of the animation, you trigger a counter that would set the texture alpha to 1

You could actually set the camera position when the alpha is 1 so that the moving would not show to the user.