Change camera viewport rect via script

Hi! I have a camera in my game that is being used as a minimap/gps. It’s viewport rect is:
X: 0 Y:0 W:0.12 H: 0.24

Do someone know how do i change it’s Width and Height (I think these are the stands for W and H) to 1 via script? I want the script to do it only when the player press M and then return when the player press M again. As far as i know, i need to create a variable and then attach the camera on it later to reference it, and i need to use a function update and if getkey. The problem is that i don’t know how to expand the camera after this and how to return after the player press the key.

The viewport rect or ‘Camera.rect’ takes a ‘Rect’ class as it’s input, in normalised coordinates. You can see the access of these variables in the links above. As for expanding/returning on a button press it would be a fairly simple matter;

bool isExpanded = false;

void Update ()
    if (Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.M))
        isExpanded = !isExpanded;

    if (isExpanded) {
        //Do stuff...
    } else {
        //Do opposite stuff...