Change child position to parent with Anchor Point

I am trying to wrap my brain around this. I have a player who can activate a mower. When that happens the mower just becomes a child of the Player. But if the player activates the mower and isn’t centered to the mower it lookds funny.

Example: 95847-currentlyhave.png

I have a GameObject on the mower that I am trying to use to line up with the player when you activate it. This would make it easier just moving that anchor point in the inspector. What I am trying to end up with is this:

I tried moving the mowers ‘localposition’ but I know my calculations are wrong. I would show what I did but their is no need since it is simply wrong.

Thanks @hexagonius , I did that and it worked out great. I must of had a transform.Position instead of a localPosition.

You could have shown the code, but what you essentially need to do is setting x and z of the localPosition to 0 after folding the mower.